Just Getting Started

Hello everyone!

I have been cooking/baking (if you want to be specific) since I was about six years old. This is despite the fact that I may have done little of the actual work and been supported heavily by my mom. The first thing I ever remember baking is cupcakes, perhaps fostering my love of all things sweet and delicious. We then decorated the cupcakes as various bugs and insects, with licorice and M&Ms, to impress the kids in my class.

Since then I’ve become a bit more self reliant, but I always find cooking is more fun when done with someone else. I always prefer being able to speak with others and ask for opinions when making something new, though it can be more rewarding to make something entirely by yourself.

In August I will graduate from college, which makes this the perfect time to compile several recipes for the future. No matter what happens. The name of my blog “couple cooking” refers to myself and my boyfriend. He has taught me to enjoy so many  foods that I would never have even looked at before. He has agreed (and we’ll see how this goes because he’s super busy most of the time) to take pictures if I will cook the food.

Stay tuned.

P.S. I’m thinking about doing Meatless Monday and Thrifty Thursday… but any other ideas? I already have some specific recipes in mind.


2 responses to “Just Getting Started

  • SK

    Considering that I don’t cook much (other people usually do it for me :]), these meals seem pretty easy to make and look delicious. I think your ideas for Meatless Monday and such are cool and I think that may grab more readers’ attentions! Good luck and keep the tasty meals coming.

  • Carol Hogan

    Couples cooking sounds like fun, or at the least a very good name for a cooking class. What are some of the foods you’ve learned to like? My former journalism professor at Whatcom has a cooking page and she posts recipes and photos I find really interesting. Some of them I’ve adopted as favorites and serve them all the time ’cause they’re easy and good. She’s always finding local foods and has suggestions for how to cook them.

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