Bite of Bellingham

I graduated from Western on Saturday! We have been very busy lately with the end of the quarter and packing to move at the end of the month. It’s been harder to spend time on cooking. However, today we went to the Bite of Bellingham downtown on the corner of Holly and Cornwall.

There were a lot of restaurants represented there, including The Table, La Vie en Rose, Mount Bakery, Jeckyl and Hyde, Veg Express, India Grill, Bayou on Bay, food by Haggen, El Agave, Rocket Donuts, Boundary Bay, Man Pies, Pure Bliss, Brandywine Kitchen, QQ Li’s, Silver Reef, the Copper Hog, the Co-Op and Cicchitti’s Pizza. We decided to go places that we hadn’t been to together. Here’s what we had!

1. Bayou on Bay

Sweet BBQ Pork Bun:

Key Lime Bar:

2. Cicchitti’s Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza slice:

3. Jeckyl and Hyde Alehouse

Smoked pull pork slider:

Sausage Chili:

4. La Vie En Rose

Ice cream sandwich:

5. Mount Bakery

Lemon Tart with fresh blueberries:

6. The Table by Bellingham Pasta Co.

Ravioli with brown butter sage:

Bison Pork meatball:

Tickets for food were $1 each and each dish had a different ticket price, ranging from 1-7 tickets. We mainly got small ticket items.

You could also vote for your favorites in different categories like sweets, drinks, etc.

Colin’s top 3

1. Bayou on bay pork bun
2. Bison pork meatball
3. Jeckyl and Hyde pulled pork

Melissa’s top 3

1. Bison pork meatball
2. Ravioli with brown butter sage
3. Sausage chili

We are going to try to start posting 3 times a week, M/W/F. Wish us luck!

Post by: Melissa and Colin
Photos by: Colin and Melissa


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