Slow cooked, pulled beer BBQ chicken

So there have been irregular updates recently because we have been super busy! I will be trying to update as much as possible, but it will not be as often as I want. This post however is about some delicious slow cooked food. The key to this recipe is to let it cook for the whole times. It cooks for 8 hours and it makes it super tender and delicious.

5 to 6 table spoons of garlic powder, cumin, red pepper flakes, red cayenne pepper and ground black pepper.
1/4 cup of BBQ sauce of choice
1.5 lbs of chicken
10 ounces of beer (I used a good beer, made a difference)
Buns for each

Step 1.
Gather seasonings and BBQ sauce and chicken.

Step 2. Put seasonings on chicken and add BBQ sauce. Let marinade for a couple of hours.

Step 3. Measure out beer to put in the slow cooker.

Step 4. Add beer to slow cooker with chicken. Set up on low for eight hours and let cook. Now is time to go do something fun, watch a movie or go do something else. It’s going to be awhile. It should slowly cook and add color.

Step 5. After 8 hours use a fork to break apart the chicken and then cook for another 30 minutes to let the juice soak into the meat.

Step 6. Put chicken on a bun and add a little more BBQ sauce. Serve and enjoy some beer with these.


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