Road trip day three

Today started off poorly. Early this morning while we were sleeping we received a phone call that our car had been hit in the parking lot. We went out to check it and a man with a truck had backed into it, causing a puckering above the light similar to a hole. We later noticed the front passenger door hardly opens. Major inconvenience. So we just kept on trucking.

I drove the entire time today from Bozeman, mt to Rapid City, sd. We got into our lovely place of residence for the evening around 6. We chose Big Sky Lodge from some trip advisor reviews. It seems nice and is located on a nice hill with a great view. It really seems like a nice place and is very secluded and relaxing, so I wish I could feel more like relaxing…

We went to eat at Tally’s Silver Spoon downtown and tried some interesting dishes. The bread, to start, was served with blueberry and sage(?) butter.

Then we ordered the bison skirt and liver and split that and a cup of turkey bacon veggie soup. For an appetizer we had the mushroom du jour. This was a mushroom topped goats cheese crostini plate and it was delicious! Easily my favorite part of the meal.

While we were there we actually met a local author, Kenneth W Royce, and he talked to us about his books and other things around the area. That was a good part of the evening, and then we went to the street fair. Aside from music playing there were just some local shops open, so we stopped in and had a look, and I got a few pictures.

We are getting ready for bed/planning our next stop tomorrow now! I shall leave you with a picture of a bracelet made by a different Melissa than myself.

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa


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