road trip day four

We started out our day in Rapid City, SD and headed to Mount Rushmore early-ish in the morning after a continental breakfast ended our stay at big sky lodge. Got some pictures there…

Then we headed off through South Dakota toward South Sioux City, Nebraska, where we decided to stay for the evening. More on that later. First we went to Murdo for lunch at the Star Family Restaurant. I had the chicken tenders and mom had the ham and cheese sandwich + broccoli cheddar soup. Everything was great. 🙂

Then we headed off to Nebraska, though a tiny bit of Iowa, and ended up staying at the Marina Convention Center, right on the Missouri River. It’s gorgeous here! We settled in a bit late so we decided to eat at the restaurant and it was a great idea! The restaurant here is called Kahill’s Steak-Fish-Chophouse and this was definitely the best meal I’ve had out in a while, as much as I loved our food in Bozeman.

We had the lamb (on the right side of the menu above) and it was amazing, along with the risotto and carrots, as well as the mushrooms. Our appetizer of a split spinach salad and bread was amazing as well, (asiago cheese bread, my favorite!) The salad had craisins(spelling?), carmelized red onion, bacon, spinach, and a light vinaigrette. My mom had the black cherry cosmo and I had a key lime pie martini, which were both very nicely done.

Then we splurged on the dessert. We had the peach option (as listed below) and it was just the perfect amount of sweet and soft and crunchy and perfect overall. Such a good choice. We only regret not being able to try more desserts!

Signing off in South Sioux City. Goodnight!

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa


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