Road trip day six

Today we set off from Kansas City, Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee. We ended up driving through Illinois and Kentucky along the way. Such a long drive! We started off our morning with a quick trip to the historic city market for their Sunday farmer’s/flea market. So cute! Here are a few pictures of the area by our bed and breakfast followed by our shots of the market…

And it wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of my outfit with the dress I bought at Free People on sale for $25 and my flea market J Crew necklace for $6.50, and the roadside scenery, and our momentous 50,000 mile marker.

We skimped on food today. After having breakfast @ the B&B we had lunch at Dairy Queen and ate in our room at the Hilton Homewood Suites since our room has a full kitchen. 🙂

The front desk girls even gave us a $25 BP giftcard after we talked to them a bit about our road trip. So sweet!

Finally, I leave you with a plant that my mom doubted the reality of, but yes, it is just that big.

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa


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