Tallahassee: Natural Bridge Battlefield

One of the things I did around Tallahassee with my mom was to visit the Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park. It was a $3 fee for parking there and we were the only ones, though it might’ve been because other people have important things to do during the week while they aren’t on vacation. There is a very nice picnic area and then there is the actual park.

The battle fought at Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park was during the final weeks of the Civil War, and helped preserve Tallahassee as the only Confederate Capital(capitol?) east of the Mississippi River to never fall into Union hands. (Getting this off of the pamphlet that can be found at the park, all credit goes to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection – division of recreation and parks.) It occurred on March 6th, 1865. Union losses totaled 21 killed, 89 wounded and 38 captured. On the Confederate side, 3 were killed and 22 wounded. There is a battle reenactment every March.

Also, there were lots of little frogs around in the grass! I didn’t manage to take a picture of them, but I did get a picture of a super tiny one that I cornered over on the cement near the entryway to the park. Here he is:

I really enjoy that there are frogs all over the place in Florida. And squirrels.

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa


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