Tallahassee: Birthday food (Kool Beanz Cafe)

Today was my birthday and I went out to get a bunch of food. I stopped at Starbucks for my free birthday drink (which you can get for registering a Starbucks gift card) and my free pastry at Panera (a “candy” cookie which I got for opening a mypanera card.)

candy cookie!

I also headed over to Au Peche Mignon, which I’ve mentioned in a previous post, for some other sweets. I got a pistachio/pistachio macaron, a rose/strawberry preserve macaron and a pistachio/chocolate macaron. I also got a raspberry tart. (All were delicious.)

tart and macaron

tart close-up

les macarons

Later, for dinner, I went to Kool Beanz cafe which I’ve been meaning to try for a while now and it is DEFINITELY my favorite restaurant in Tallahassee. The menu changes often, or so I’ve heard, but I had the duck and it was amazing. I also tried my friend’s shrimp and it was great. The raspberry-jalapeno jam that came with my meal might have been my favorite part though.

tried to capture the menu

(sorry its dark)

I had the “boneless duck breast, raspberry-jalapeno jam, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato mash” and my friend had the shrimp and I would definitely come back for either dish or anything else on the menu because most of it sounded amazing. Overall, a nice food-filled birthday.

Post & Photos by: Melissa


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