St. George Island & Port St. Joe beaches

Last week during spring break I got out to some beaches I hadn’t visited. For a long time now I’ve been meaning to visit St. George Island, and the beach there at the state park. Well I finally made it out and it was beautiful! They also have great facilities (restroom, soda machines, nice roads and picnic pavilions.)

The only thing is that it wasn’t *that* warm and was a bit windy, so I couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked. But I would definitely recommend planning for a warm, mildly windy day to visit this beach.

water pretttttty

saw this birdie


super pretty

sandy sand



The other beach I was going to visit was Mexico Beach, near Port St. Joe, but I ended up stopping alongside the roadside at a beach access point in what was called Cape San Blas. It was really pretty, so warm, and pretty clear of people. There are only a few things I want from a beach: Sand, water, a place to change, and peace. And this beach nailed it. The water was just as clear here, but much darker.

approaching the beach

pretty dunes

the water

I also saw a jellyfish. Always be careful on the beach!






And we’ve reached the end of this beach adventure.

end of the line

Post & photos by: Melissa


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