Post-classes: Vacation Day One (Atlanta)

Hello! I am no longer a student. Well, I guess I technically still am until Saturday when I graduate. But I’m done with classes. Anyway, I’m taking a mini vacation with my parents to celebrate and the first step of this trip was for me to drive up and stay in a hotel for a day in Atlanta. So I have done that. And now I will let you know how it went. 🙂

First, the weather was beautiful. I hit a few minor traffic problems but nothing to complain about (which, for me, is rare.) First I’ll show you the view from the hotel. Not too shabby, I’d say.




When I got here the system had gone down so they had a huge backlog of guests and I was getting a bit anxious, but the hotel manager (I think?) came and offered everyone standing in line a drink, which was very nice. Of course he checked my ID, but I’m welllllll over 21 now so it wasn’t an issue. Once I got settled I headed out to check out places to eat and get some dinner since I hadn’t eaten since I had eggs for breakfast.

I ended up at Grant Central Pizza & Pasta. Decent pizza, but what I really wanted was somewhere convenient. And this was less than a mile from the hotel and an easy walk (I was tired of driving.) Boy was I glad I walked because when I got back to the hotel my street had turned into a one way to deal with all the traffic from the Atlanta Braves game! I also got to eat my pizza on a really dirty picnic bench in the park. So, you know, it was good all around.



I also saw Dakota Blue, which is across the street from the pizza place and is supposed to be nice for brunch.


inside bar

pizza box and

meat lovers

my park bench

Then I walked through the area (Grant Park) and took some pictures of houses and a church. I also found a yard flamingo. 🙂



very cute\


side view

another one of course

one side

and the other

built ittttt


sign for church


I was far from these


I believe this had something to do with the “park” itself.

the park

I also came across a random patch of grass that I guess was ALSO a park???

this is a park in itself

Smoking is prohibited on THIS patch of grass. Ahem. Anyway, after I got back to the hotel I decided to check out what all the fuss was about and it was for the Braves game, so I walked over to the stadium to take some pictures from afar. They also have a tribute to the 1996 Olympics.

can you see it??

how about now?


There was also a tribute to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics lining the sidewalk on the way to the field.





post and photos by: Melissa

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