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LeMay Car Museum (Tacoma, WA)

On Saturday I went to the LeMay car museum in Tacoma with my parents and a family friend. It was amazing! There were so many cars, old and new, to look at and a nice little cafe/eating area upstairs.

Here are my (and my family’s) favorite cars from the exhibits, although I am not 100% sure I have the right picture-labels.

This is my favorite car from the museum. It is just TOO CUTE for words. I love the coloring, and my family agreed that it reminds them of a classy old Valentine’s Day car. it’s a 1906 Cadillac and it is just precious.

My dad’s favorite was the 1910 Hupmobile. Everything about it is pretty charming, including the name.



My mom’s favorite car was very unique. It was a Baker electric car from 1911. The cab area is round and the steering apparatus is in the middle, with seats located all around the cab, facing each other. The electric cars from this time period, according to the museum, were known as “Women’s cars” because they could be taken out on short notice for “outings.” As a women’s car, it was furnished with drapes, a carpet, and other homey touches. it was pretty cute.



Overall it was a great family outing, really fun, and well worth the trip. Parking in their lot is $5 for 3 hours and the museum is right off of I-5 so it’s very convenient. We finished our bout in around 2.5 hours including our lunch. There was a lot to see and they change the cars out every so often, so there will always be something new to see.

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa