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Post-classes: Vacation Day Six (Tampa: Oakley’s Grille)

Sorry I’ve been slacking on blog posts! Just been very tired, a little bit under the weather, and busy. But I’m here to finish up the last 4 blog posts from the trip for you now.

On this day we really didn’t accomplish much, as we got up late-ish and had a bit of getting ready to do (and catching up from our previous day of excitement) before we got to driving to Tampa. Today was mostly full of driving, and then having a quick but nice dinner at Oakley’s Grille by our hotel in “New Tampa” and then swimming in the evening, and enjoying the hotel’s promise of free ice cream.

menu title page

page one

page two

page three

page four

I had the bacon cheeseburger, plain, with pepperjack cheese. Sorry it looks so plain, but it was juicy and delicious.

plain like I like it

All burgers come separately from sides, so we split a basket of sweet potato fries.


My parents also shared a burger and a fish sandwich (the blackened tilapia)


This was painted on the wall and I liked it.


Sorry the post is so short! To make up for it you will get WAY more than enough in the next few, so don’t worry. I’m off to make them now!

Post & photos by: Melissa

Hello everyone! ROAD TRIP UPDATE

We made it to Tallahassee after spending a morning in Atlanta. Today we woke up in Tallahassee and toured around town…

I do have around 3 posts to upload, including our two stops in Atlanta (World of Coke and the Atlanta Botanical Garden) and also Alfred B. Maclay Gardens in Tallahassee. Stay tuned! It’s getting close to the beginning of school again for me so with my unpacking as well as getting ready for that I have been/will be very busy but I will still try to post these final 3/anything else fun we do/whenever I can!

post by: Melissa



road trip day seven

We stuck around in Nashville this morning so we could get to the Hermitage, the former home of President Andrew Jackson. This was the main thing I wanted to see in Nashville, so I was glad we had the time and that it was so close to our hotel (read: easy to get to.) However we had to leave right after and get on over to Atlanta to make our hotel reservations. We plan to do some exploring/sightseeing in Georgia tomorrow on our way down to Florida as well, but we’re not sure what we want to see yet.

While we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside of Andrew Jackson’s actual home (and glass in front of the rooms would’ve prevented good pictures anyway) I was able to get a lot of pictures inside the museum and on the grounds, as well as some pictures of the exhibits/narratives about the general history of the location and the family. It was done in a Greek revival style and is really quite beautiful. Enjoy!

We did manage to stop in for lunch at Brewhaus for lunch in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was a German style gastropub and although we couldn’t have any beer because we had a long drive ahead, (disappointing), we did have some interesting food and there was a free pretzel check-in deal on Yelp, which is always nice. The pretzel was delicious, and came with 3 mustards which we shared.

Then my mom had a schnitzel sandwich that she enjoyed, with some German “potato salad” that she was not a fan of.

I had the smoked brat on a bun with cheddar & swiss cheese & bacon. It was really good and the spaetzle & mushrooms side that came with it was delicious. We ended up parking a few blocks away, but it was still free parking. However, there was definitely space in front of the restaurant. I just get paranoid when I’m driving in new places and jump on any free parking that I see.

We finally made it to Atlanta (geez that highway is scary) and are settling in and adjusting to the time difference. I just feel tired all the time at this point, and I’m not quite sure that’s adjusted enough.

post by: Melissa
photos by: Melissa

Road trip day six

Today we set off from Kansas City, Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee. We ended up driving through Illinois and Kentucky along the way. Such a long drive! We started off our morning with a quick trip to the historic city market for their Sunday farmer’s/flea market. So cute! Here are a few pictures of the area by our bed and breakfast followed by our shots of the market…

And it wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of my outfit with the dress I bought at Free People on sale for $25 and my flea market J Crew necklace for $6.50, and the roadside scenery, and our momentous 50,000 mile marker.

We skimped on food today. After having breakfast @ the B&B we had lunch at Dairy Queen and ate in our room at the Hilton Homewood Suites since our room has a full kitchen. 🙂

The front desk girls even gave us a $25 BP giftcard after we talked to them a bit about our road trip. So sweet!

Finally, I leave you with a plant that my mom doubted the reality of, but yes, it is just that big.

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa