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Day Trip: DeFuniak Springs, FL (houses & shopping)

As promised, here is the continuation of my trip! I had taken so many pictures I wanted to break this up a bit, in case you were only interested in one part, or didn’t have time for one massive post. It is also a bit difficult to organize this section, but I’ll start with the houses and move into the shopping, because there are a lot of houses to go through and I loved so many of them! I will try my best not to repeat any, unless I think they were amazing enough to warrant that. I had to take a few different ones of each house because that pesky sun and the trees kept making them completely un-see-able.

This one is probably my favorite house. I love the spire(turret?) and it’s absolutely beautiful with its trim and fencing. (I don’t know house terms, why should I, I just know this is gorgeous and I want to live here.)

and from the front


off white

storybook glen

columns (or pillars?)

stately from the side

more pillars

cute brick house, can't blow it down

This next house warrants a little bit of explanation, because it was absolutely amazing, first of all, and second because it was for sale by owner and they must be basically the nicest people ever because they have a drinking fountain outside for whoever is walking by to use at their discretion. You’ll see.


side-ish view

for sales

how sweet

in case you couldn't read

animals hiding in the bushes!

framed by trees

duplicated I know



nice spire (tower?)

sweet gate

bricks again

big brick house (lovely)

cute chimney

yellow and proud

plants for privacy


This house had the cutest mailbox.

so cute

it's for letters

it was also for sale

this one was under construction

two decks


trees and gate

Whew! That was a lot of houses. Even though this is a small town, this wasn’t all the houses in the area, but just some of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed seeing them! Now, onto the shops.

just a cute building

First, here’s Nook and Cranny, a shop of odds and ends and consignment shoes/clothes.

nook and cranny

door knobs

ram (astrology?)

red lamp

reminds me of the south



frame and boxes and things


I found the Herald!

And here’s the Big Store.

The Big Store

what the big store entails

so much pink!

ROOK (it's a game and my last name)

such a pretty sofa

bed frame

Jim Beam mirror

antique stove/oven

Shirley Temple

the huge piano

I also encountered the Little Big Store.

little big store

I also worked my nerve up to go into the health store. Up until that point, I hadn’t been in a shop where I was the only potential customer.

health store?

As far as a “food” store, I would not classify it as such. They did have a few food items, but the majority of the store was packed with supplements, vitamins and the like. I’m sure it’s a useful resource in the area as they carry many things exclusively for the area and promise satisfaction, but I didn’t find anything of particular interest (coming from a larger area) and this was the only store in which I was essentially ignored and not pleasantly greeted. Oh well!

I did not manage to get a picture of it, but I loved the local bookstore and purchased 6 items for only $11 from a great selection of new and (mostly) used books. That was probably my favorite shop in the area, but didn’t look like anything special from the outside. Looks can be deceiving, so when visiting a small town, be sure to just give things a try!

Looks like it’s time to go!

time to go! (I'm cheesy)

Maybe I’ll take the train!

maybe I'll take the train

Hope you enjoyed! Goodbye!

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa

Day Trip: DeFuniak Springs, FL (The Lake, churches and library + food)

Hope you like long posts because this is going to be one! I went to DeFuniak Springs, FL today as a day trip, over from Tallahassee. And I hope gorgeous old houses are just your cup of sweet tea (or whatever you like to drink) because they sure are mine! (NOTE: I AM ONLY INCLUDING THE LAKE, CHURCHES AND LIBRARY IN THIS POST, AS WELL AS FOOD. SOON, I WILL POST THE HOUSES AND OTHER BUILDINGS INCLUDING STORES.)

First, a little background on the area. Feel free to skip this and head on down to the rest of the post, because I did not spend a lot of time researching, and am rather quoting semi-directly the pertinent information from a pamphlet I got in town that is distributed by the DeFuniak Springs Visitors Bureau Inc. There is a small visitor’s center in town (it’s not hard to find, it’s right by the Little Big Store and just off circle drive around the lake) but it’s only open on Sautrdays. However, their pamphlets are available outside.

“Walton County was created in 1824. The census of 1920 reported the county population as 12,119, the 1980 census was 23,000 and the census of 1990 was 27,759. There are three incorporated towns in Walton County. DeFuniak Springs, Paxton and Freeport. Since early days farming has been an important occupation of the majority of the residents in Walton County. The historic downtown area is home to Lake DeFuniak, a naturally round lake that is approximately one mile in circumference and perhaps fed by a small natural spring. The lake is surrounded by beautiful homes and three churches, along with the Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood and the Walton-DeFuniak Library, which is the oldest continuously operating library in the state of Florida.”

We can get started with my walk around Lake DeFuniak, which was very pretty (and I ended up walking around it twice, once on the path near the lake and the other time around the sidewalk to look at all the buildings!)

palm tree and lake, very Floridian

big, pretty, Lake DeFuniak!

play area

boardwalk with seating area

fountain at the lake

cute place for a picnic!

fancy cutouts of people from the past, everywhere!

Now, enough of the lake, let’s move onto the buildings! (I told you this would be a super long post)

Here is one of the three churches that surround the lake.

First United Methodist Church

fancy blue sky church

Across the street is the Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood! Followed by another nearby church.

brotherhood hall, for the bros

here's the hall

nearby church

Next, I’ll show you the library. I was excited to go on a Friday because the library is open 9-5 M-F and closed on the weekends. I had read that they had a collection of antique weaponry, and was pleasantly surprised to see it hanging above the bookshelves on the walls! The library is beside the lake and included in the circle drive walking tour pamphlet. It also features a really cute reading garden.

cutest library!

super cute

extra extra read all about the library!

weapons oh my


fancy clock



love this picture

entrance to the reading garden

library reading garden (so cute!)

little reading corner

golden ragwort

Stoke's Aster



Next, I’ll show you where I ate. I chose Ed’s, not that there were many choices in the area, but I had read great things on Yelp!

Ed's super full parking lot of mostly trucks


nom nom

I had a cheeseburger combo meal with crinkle cut fries and a peanut butter milkshake for only $8.01!

MALISA? Who is that...

picnic at the park

This *may* be the best milkshake I’ve ever had. Honestly. I really loved it. However, the fries and burger were just average. Better than regular fast food, but not super unique or great. I think I should’ve tried their famous Pub Burger but I had trouble finishing all of this by myself!

Thank you for reading and in a new post, very soon, I will show you all the tons and tons of houses I know you’re craving. 🙂

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa

Destination: Tallahassee! Alfred B. Maclay Gardens, Lofty Pursuits ice-cream & Killearn Antiques store

When my mom was visiting Tallahassee and staying here with me I decided to take her to a few of my favorite places, and one of those was the ice-cream place, Lofty Pursuits. It’s super cute, delicious, local, and it’s also attached to a toy shop. 🙂

We also visited the antique shop next door, Killearn Antiques, which I’ve been near and looked inside, but had never gone into before.

Lastly, (although in timeline-reality before we did the other two things) we went to the Alfred B. Maclay Gardens and walked around there, which was pretty awesome and will be the main focus of this post. I think the entry fee was $6 for our car (and the two of us.) There is also a recreation area but we just drove through/past that.

You can see the little lizard again there, right? He does blend in very well. I always wonder if people hold the cursor over my pictures to see the text that I write for them. Try it! Just hold your mouse arrow over the picture until a little text box appears. That’s where I do most of my writing. I really liked this park, mostly for the animals we saw (and TONS of squirrels.) However, what I did not manage to get a picture of was the rather large black banded snake we saw that came out of nowhere and quickly got away before we could snap a picture of him. Very cool.

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa