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Tallahassee: Natural Bridge Battlefield

One of the things I did around Tallahassee with my mom was to visit the Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park. It was a $3 fee for parking there and we were the only ones, though it might’ve been because other people have important things to do during the week while they aren’t on vacation. There is a very nice picnic area and then there is the actual park.

The battle fought at Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park was during the final weeks of the Civil War, and helped preserve Tallahassee as the only Confederate Capital(capitol?) east of the Mississippi River to never fall into Union hands. (Getting this off of the pamphlet that can be found at the park, all credit goes to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection – division of recreation and parks.) It occurred on March 6th, 1865. Union losses totaled 21 killed, 89 wounded and 38 captured. On the Confederate side, 3 were killed and 22 wounded. There is a battle reenactment every March.

Also, there were lots of little frogs around in the grass! I didn’t manage to take a picture of them, but I did get a picture of a super tiny one that I cornered over on the cement near the entryway to the park. Here he is:

I really enjoy that there are frogs all over the place in Florida. And squirrels.

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa

Visiting Wewahitchka/Mexico Beach & Fish House Restaurant

My mom and I left Tallahassee to visit a relative in the Wewahitchka area. (I also learned it’s not whey-wah-hitch-kuh, it’s WE-wah-hitch-ka.) Anyway, she has two adorable dogs and I could not help myself with taking pictures, and we also visited the beach and a nice seafood restaurant in the Mexico Beach area. It was really cool being more out in the country like that, and we saw lots of frogs and such and less bugs than I would have imagined to be in the area, except on the road (and subsequently on my car) and then there were WAY too many lovebugs in the Mexico Beach area, especially by the gas station. Eww.

Then we went out to the Fish House.

I got the grilled scallops with cajun seasoning and alfredo sauce over angel hair pasta and it was delicious but just SO MUCH FOOD that I couldn’t finish it. My meal also came with some crispy, perfect garlic butter bread. Two others in our party including my mom got the special which was the grouper stuffed with crab. My other relative got 2 appetizers, one which involved crab and I don’t recall the other.

Before we leave this excursion, I must take the opportunity to show you a lovely flower from my relative’s house, more of her amazing dogs, and the adorable frog we spotted (the only one I managed to capture in a photograph, though there were so so many frogs around croaking all night.)

And lastly, the frog! So tiny.

Post by: Melissa
Photos by: Melissa

Road trip (belated day 8): Atlanta Botanical Gardens

We got up early-ish to hit the Atlanta Botanical Garden and still have time later in the day to do World of Coke (more on that in a future post.) The gardens were beautiful but keep in mind that you do have to pay for admission as well as by the amount of time you need for parking inside the parking garage. We ended up paying about $19.50 each for admission and $6 for parking, so it wasn’t that bad. They had a variety of indoor and outdoor gardens to walk through and my advice is to use your mosquito spray, especially if you’re going into the tropical exhibits.

First, we’ll start with the outdoor gardens.

And onto the tropical gardens indoors:

A small offshoot of pictures to show the quail inside the exhibit. 🙂

Ok, enough of that. Here are the frogs…

Now back to outdoors, as we head into the EDIBLE GARDEN.