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Summer Peach Iced Tea

Everyone knows the perfect summer drink is iced tea! Today, we decided to go to the store and get some peach tea in order to create our own iced tea. Because we recently went raspberry picking, we decided to add a few raspberries in the mix as well as some fresh lemon slices, to add that summery hint of lemonade flavor. We also put in one can of Sierra Mist, (free of high fructose corn syrup) to lighten the flavor and give it a little bit of fizz. Hope you enjoy!


2-6 cups of water (depending on pitcher/serving size)
one lemon, sliced
raspberries (or other summer fruit if desired)
3 teabags of your choice (we used black tea, peach flavor)
sugar (if you would like)


1. Boil the water on the stove (or in microwave.)

2. Pour water into pitcher. (Be careful!)

3. Place teabags in water to steep.

4. When water is room temperature, add lemons and place in fridge.

5. Remove from fridge when cold enough.

6. Remove teabags.

7. Add summer fruit.

8. Add Sierra Mist or other lemon-lime flavored carbonated drink.

9. Enjoy! You can add ice to keep it cold and you can be all fancy and garnish the glass with a lemon if you would like. 🙂

Post by: Melissa Rook
Photos by: Colin Diltz and Melissa Rook